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Q: polishblood - What's this all about?

A: We are blood donors, promoting the idea of blood donation, encouraging primarily other members of the Polish community to join us and help save lives. We’d also want to make them more involved and engaged where they live, by helping their local communities thrive through the pure power of giving.

Q: Why bother? Who cares?

A: Maybe every one of us should pose this question, and perhaps a good answer would be: because you’re not the only ones on this planet. And as we need to rely on each other, we hope it will move you to action, we hope you will care, and hope you will join us. We hope that you will become like many other people around you – anonymously and unselfishly giving. Besides, we shouldn’t take other’s sacrifice for granted. It’s not guaranteed.

Q: Is it just Polish blood that saves lives?

A: No, surely not. All donated blood saves lives. Yours has the same quality too. Why not book an appointment? 

Q: Can I give blood?

A: Most adults can donate blood. You will find all the information at your local Blood Donor centre. Search, locate the place and go for it! Simple.

Q: Are there any positives of donating blood?

A: Plenty! How about SAVING LIVES to start with. Don’t take it for granted – look around and imagine that some of these people are here because at some point in the past you had donated blood. How does it make you feel?

Becoming a blood donor can lift your spirit, give a lot of satisfaction and that feeling of purpose in life, bring you into a state that some like to refer as ‘altruists high’ – most likely to do with increased level of dopamine. Besides, focusing on helping others rather then on yourself is known to help fight depressions, loneliness and anxieties. Sounds plausible, doesn’t it? Hey, and you can quickly loose approx a pound in weight, if that helps you to make up your mind. On top of it, there are some characters, that would love to promote you as a Bloody Superhero! And this is NOT reserved for Polish people exclusively. Would you like to know more? Drop us a line!

Q: What are you trying to achieve? What is the measure of polishblood campaign's success?

A: Introducing more people to the subject of blood donation. Hopefully encouraging some of them to give blood. We don’t have any fixed numbers in mind, however we experience loads of positive feedback. Hopefully from the future donors too.

Q: I've noticed your campaign poster. Isn't the motto "polishblood saves lives" a bit too pretentious?

A: Why? It’s a genuine statement: blood when donated does saves lives. Not exclusively Polish, obviously. However, we think we know where you’re coming from. It is designed to serve a precise purpose, which is narrowly targeting our community, challenging their mind set, making them more willing to join other donors and contribute by giving blood. We know well our culture, we know how we think …and we know how to deliver the message. At the same time we encourage others to take their own initiatives and join the good forces working hard towards making for the donated blood shortage a problem of the past. 

The funny fact about it is that the only negative feedback that we receive is from people who never donated in their lives. It seems they simply like to discredit any positive change, and are triggered by anything that challenges their status quo. The Donors – on the other hand – are well above it. They appreciate that people take initiative. They know well that the battle here is for something of huge importance.

Which group do you represent?

Q: Do you mean that Polish people don't like to give blood?

A: Quite the contrary. Back in Poland blood donation is very popular. Many of us also donate while living abroad. Others, far from their families, feel a bit de-attached and very often too busy/overwhelmed with their daily schedules, are sadly discontinuing their involvement. And our aim is to fix it – to help you to find that time, find the human need and duty for donating blood where you live, to protect those around you. You’d love you to get involved. To not to be bystander. To give blood.

Q: I'm a Polish. I would like donate blood, but shouldn't we prioritize the safety of our families back home by donating there?

A: What matters is that you want to give blood, that you care enough to want to save someone’s life. That’s great! And we truly hope you will join us. Where you will donate, that’s of a secondary matter. However, when you’re already a regular, like us, you will find that often it’s difficult to donate in a place close to your heart, such as your homecountry. Also, often the people you care about are just next to you. That could be your partner, your children, your native neighbours, your colleagues, your best friends from all around the world. You really should take care of them. Being indifferent is such a wrong attitude. So, the next time when you’re standing on the crossroads: ‘donate’ or ‘postpone forever’, choose Donate! No matter where you live. 

Q: How about the patriotic elements that appear in some of your content?

A: Polishblood is targeted specifically at Polish community: both in our country, as well as those living abroad. We are rather a proud nation; we generally love our country, remember our harsh history and respect the tremendous sacrifice of our great ancestors. So many of them gave their lives so we can all enjoy our freedom. They fought with evil totalitarian systems all over the world, protecting not only our nation and paying a huge price. Now, we live in times of a relative peace when gladly noone expects from us the highest sacrifices. Many of us may look at the simple act of giving blood as a small tribute to the Heroes of the past. 


Q: Your campaign has something to do with strikes in London, hasn't it?

A: Partially true. That’s the root of the action and the name: polishblood. To cut the long story short, some of our Polish community members were eager to organize a massive strike in London in 2015. If well attended and successfully executed at that time the strike could have well paralyze the capital of the UK. The motives of the protesters were not clear though. And at the end, it has been called off. Some of us, appreciating the chance to live alongside British people and not seeing the point of bringing havoc to London, brought the idea of going to local blood donor centres instead. It became symbolic. We manifested unity and sacrifice for the benefit of all as superior idea over bringing chaos and division.

Q: How can you judge the 2015's London strike initiative as wrong? I have to disagree here.

A: Sure, that’s your right. And we respect your opinion. 

Don’t get us wrong. We believe that strike is always a symptom and barometer of social dissatisfaction. It is a viable form of protest and often the only hope for change. The question remains: whether it is justified. What or who is it that we fight? If it’s in order to show that we as a mass are important to the economy, then that’s not good enough. If it’s because someone feels discriminated – poor reason too, as it’s very often just in your head. On a personal level: let’s say you have signed a contract with your employer. If you don’t like it – quit. Find another job and people you’ll appreciate and whom in return will appreciate you and your hard work. And if you can’t find such a place, go ahead and create it yourself. And then employ the right people. That’s how free market works. If we look through such a lense we will find that polishblood became also a tool to address some of our negative characteristics as a nation in order to make us even more of an asset to other nations and to ourselves. Paraphrasing famous words: Do not look what others can do for you, look what you can do for others. How about we start with a peaceful dialog and noticing the person next to us, who might need us?

Donate blood. Join us. Follow us. 

Q: What is the future of #Polishblood?

A: We are caring on with our work – fueled by passion, trust in this world and hope in humanity we’re keeping up the good fight. And the future we envision is bright and worth the pursuit!
On top of that we’re working on other highy creative and potent charitable projects. Tune in for more info. Coming sooner than you think.
Now, put your boots on and off you go to give blood.





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