In 2015 instead of strike we decided to save lives.

We stayed true to the idea of donating blood throughout 2016 and 2017...

In 2018 we are switching to top gear! It is becoming symbolic.


Now as a grassroots movement we’re also encouraging others from our community to join us and to become donors. Cause who else will know our nation better the we ourselves. Therefore we are staying true to the “think globally, act locally” principle and hoping to bring a world change via reshaping hearts of people around us.
We believe that donating blood should be beyond borders and that we are meant to care about the people around us, wherever we choose to live.

#Polishblood - the blood giving campaign.

In order to fully understand #Polishblood initiative, we need to go back to 2015, when some of our Polish community members were eager to organize a massive strike in London in 2015. If well attendant and successfully executed for the time of the strike it could well paralyze the capital of the UK. The motives of the protesters were not clear though. And at the end, it has been called off. Some of us, appreciating the chance of living alongside British people and not seeing the need of bringing havoc to London, brought the idea of going to donate blood locally instead. It became symbolic. We manifested unity and sacrifice for the benefit of all as superior over bringing chaos and division.


#Polishblood - A tribute to Heroes.

#Polishblood through its symbolic meaning touches also upon the historic dimension, bringing back memory of our great ancestors, who in turmoil of wars and uprisings unselfishly paid the highest blood sacrifice. We shall never forget about their heroic deeds, using this opportunity to pay a tribute to the Heroes.

III Edition of the #Polishblood Annual Event - 2017

It has been 2 years since #polishblood 2015. We may sound boastful, but it was one of the most positive, spontaneous and internationally acknowledged actions undertaken by Poles living in the UK in recent times. Thousands of Polish people residing in the United Kingdom donated blood in their local NHS donors centres in an attempt to strengthen Polish-British unity and solidarity, help other human beings and further prove our positive contribution to the British society.

We shall not, and cannot overlook the negatives events through the year. In the last couple of months there have been cases of hate crime against the Poles. Even though they were not wildly spread, the perpetrators went uncaught and unpunished by the authorities which worries and hurts our community. We are fully aware that a small group of chauvinists by no means represent the entire nation, and that is another reason why we want to concentrate on positive initiatives to continue to build on our reputation as positive contributors to our chosen home.

These last few months have not all been about doom and gloom, there were plenty of examples of good bilateral relations: it is now officially recognised that the Polish mathematicians solved the first Enigma during the WWII, there were prestigious debates held about positive contribution of Poles into the UK’s economy in the Houses of Parliament, both Polish and British government representatives are meeting annually.

There has been a lot going on in the politics and culture, but we want to concentrate on strengthening friendship between our nations. The future position of the Poles in the UK and the type of relations we have got with others here depends on us all and our actions. Let’s act then!

Registration for blood donation only takes minutes:
Northern Ireland:

Please, have the prints with #polishblood ready, take a photo and send it through to us, we will publish them all. Ready to print:

During recent years we had over 60 main organisations supporting the action – the full list can be found under:

20th of August is a Sunday this year – so rather than a day, let’s make the whole week of 20-27 a blood donation week!

Kind regards,
British Poles initiative

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