#Polishblood SAVES LIVES


The best time to give blood is NOW.


You’re worth as much as you can give to others


Is your value the car you driving, the size of your wallet? Will anyone really miss you when you’re gone? The best things in life aren’t things. Each of us has got life in aboundance to share with others. But how much is someone else’s LIFE worth? – Is it worth saving? Is it worth the hassle? Is it worth your time?


Blood donation redefined – sacrifice it for others


Our great ancestors fought and died defending our freedoms and liberties, sacrificing their lives so we can thrive and live in peace. Today, your gift of blood, gift of life can cost you as little as a tiny bit of courage and time. Barely a sacrifice, but a measure of modern bravery.

Have you got what it takes to be our hero donor?


Become an asset, not a burden, to your local community


It’s easier to destroy than create, easier to bring havoc then reinforce ties with the people around you. Those around you like your family, friends, your neighbours at some point in life will rely on other person donating blood. Will you be there for them? What if it’s you who will need blood? Let’s not forget that we’re meant to care for each other. Become our Donor.

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